Have a Pig or Lamb Roast in your back garden, at your party, Wedding reception, in fact any occasion, and you and your friends will be talking about it for years to come.


Do I need a whole lamb over a whole hog?
You would choose a lamb over a hog if your event was catering for smaller numbers of people ie. a 20-25kg lamb would feed approx 60-70 where as a 65kg (130lb) hog would serve 170-200 depending on portion size.

What’s the cooking times for lamb and hog?
A lamb depending on size and weight is approx 4 hours and a hog approx 6 to 6½ hours.

How easy is it to use if I hire it?
On delivery, we offer one to one training on using the machine safely and also provide an easy to use guide so you have no problems on the day

I want to hire but don’t have the facility to collect a hog?
We offer a free collection service if we are collecting from one of our selected butchers or farms (see list in links page)

What size hog can I get?
Our professional machines are limited only on the spit roast option to 65kg (130lbs) if hog roasting you are only limited by size

How do I prepare the pig to roast / spit?
We supply you with all the information necessary inc photo’s to carry out the job. OR you could just let us do it for you.

How many people will a 65kg pig feed?
Approx 200-250 people, depending on portion size

Can I use your machine indoors?
Yes you can all you need is a well ventilated room

Do I need a power supply?
You would only need a power supply if you were spit roasting as the motor needs a 240volt supply. Hog roast only needs gas so you can have it in the middle of a field if you wanted.

Where can I buy a hog or lamb?
We have established relations with many butchers and farmers within our area and they all can supply you with the best locally sourced meat to cater your every needs. Please find these at our links page (tab on home page).

If you have any other questions then please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us



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